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The Internet of Things (IoT) allows organization to collect an extraordinary volume of data and new analysis tools can enable you to use this data to make well-informed decisions to be made quickly. But before you can successfully plan and implement an IoT solution, you must understand the various factors that will drive your decisions. Putting IoT systems into place can be a complicated proposition with unique considerations distinctly different from traditional IT solutions. This course will familiarize you with IoT components, understand the challenges that you may face, and make design decisions about your IoT projects. This course prepares students for taking the CertNexus? IoTBIZ Credential (IOZ-110). This course includes a FREE exam voucher for IOZ-110.

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CyberSmart 101

Learn how to recognize and guard against all the deceptive practices used by cyberthieves to trick unsuspecting individuals into compromising digital accounts and devices.

Topics include authentication, password best practices, social engineering, phisihing, malware, and preventive and protective safety measures.

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