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Our Story

Our story is far from complete. WaterColor was founded by Todd and Denise Tripp-Loran in 1996. Missoula natives and University of Montana Alumni, the Loran’s collectively spent over 20 years working in the software industry at Microsoft, Traveling Software, SCS/Compute and McGraw Hill before returning home to stake their claim (and raise their children) in Western Montana.

Our community of talented and experienced professionals make us so much more. We’re fortunate and privileged to get assistance from a team of local professionals who specialize in the very technologies they teach.


Jamey L., Dave F., Jeanette N., Danny S., Jeremy F., Doug O., Bob J., Brad M, and Lisa K.

You’re paramount to our success.


Our Network

Our network brings big city insight and expertise to the local scene. In 2012, WaterColor joined an association of west coast training companies.

Clients can capitalize on attending the very same advanced technology classes offered in Spokane, Seattle, Boise and San Francisco from Missoula or virtually any city in Montana.

Our Clients

Our clients inspire creativity and drive innovation. To you we owe our success. We are grateful to each and every one of you.

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